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part no.: REVCL1/2
Rev-Clean Racing Castor Oil, half gallon
  racer net
  $39.95 $36.00      
  • Reduces deposits and gumming normally associated with castor based oils
  • Incredibly clean burning - below piston ring blackening is virtually emlimated
  • Reduces wear by avoiding additives that many other castor based oils use that actually inhibit the oil's lubricating properties
  • Advanced formula helps to keep oil blended with fuel to lower ambient temperatures than other leading castor based oils
  • WKA Manufacturer's Cup and WKA Road Racing (Enduro) legal
  • Versatile - from 50cc to 250cc, sprint, dirt and road race - Rev-Clean is a proven winner
  • 7 per case
  • part no.: kwiksealer
    Kwiksealer 2 Cycle Break-in Oil
      racer net
      8oz  $12.00
    32oz $40.00
    $10.00 ea.
    $34.00 ea.
  • 8 fluid ounces mixes one gallon of break-in mixture
  • Breaks in most engines in less than 20 minutes
  • No load necessary, just idle engine at 4,000 RPMs
  • 1 gallon of mixture will break-in 4+ engines
  • Break-in procedures for most engines available upon request

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